New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down.

Jk. Your subway system is just confusing.

Obligatory beach vacation photo. #soblessed


A delicious project for the weekend.

Get your copy of A Visual Guide to Sushi-Making at Home from Chronicle Books. (via FastCo)


#Nigel  #pug puppy  #pug  


#Nigel  #pug puppy  #pug  

Tried lobster for the first time today. We bought a couple soft-shell lobsters and Caitlin’s aunt, who is a marine biologist, talked me through breaking up and eating these sea bugs.

I was surprised how soft and sweet they were. We ate them with baguette, corn, and a simple salad. They didn’t need anything more than butter to bring out the naturally delicious ocean brininess though. Everything else was kind of an after thought.

(Pictures by me)


How can I turn trivial pursuit into a drinking game?

We really need to know. Help?

The place I got my lobster roll from (F O Goldthwaites/Pool Lobster Co) had a salmon BLT on the menu that I obsessed about all week until I finally went back today and ordered it. 

The salmon was grilled perfectly, but the best part was the dill and sour cream sauce they used instead of mayonnaise. Eating there was easily the best part of staying in Biddeford Pool, except for maybe the beach. 

So far on vacation I’ve:

Read three Harry Potter books
Read a bunch of Anthony Bourdain
Had some seafood
Walked on the beach
Climbed a bunch of rocks

I don’t really want to go home. Toronto can suck it.


Any Simpsons fans in the house?

Smartest building in all of Portland, Maine.