Sophnet FW14


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Nigel vibez.


"Really!? Me!? Too aggressive!?"

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Spent a total of $666.70 in NYC (not including food or transportation)

So I guess you could say…

we had a hell of a time. 




Champs, Brooklyn

Staying up to read and then digest the end of The Goblet of Fire because you can’t sleep is a totally reasonable and adult thing to have done. Shut up, I’m on holiday.

"Yerr an insomniac, Alex."

On a semi-related note, I’m gonna do that ten most important books that aliceinsunnydale tagged me as soon as I get home.

Typing anything more than a couple sentences on my iPad is a pain in the arse.



This is the funniest thing to ever happen to Canada

Awww! Poor Canada!

Ah eye, the true north strong and free.

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Coney Island, 2014. Photo by @caitlin_ellis #supreme

Coney Island w/ my day one Ride or Die. #nonewfriends

Photo by: guy-incognito